The restaurant of Musignano still reflects the simplicity of the old Tuscan cuisine, and pays particular attention to the production of homemade products such as jams, wine, vin santo and olive oil, and housemade menu based on meat, vegetables and products from Tuscany.

The breakfast buffet every morning offers homemade pies, ham, cheese, milk and coffee and Tuscan bread, jam and butter.

Rustic place with family atmosphere, the restaurant still presents the characteristics of traditional Tuscan architecture with its bricks, arches and terracotta floors.

Our restaurant is opened by reservation on THURSDAY, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY for DINNER and SUNDAY ONLY FOR LUNCH.

Please note that we can also prepare dishes for celiacs because we have the certificate for celiac disease.

In addition, our local may be accessible to disabled people.

IN SUMMER it is possible to have dinner OUTDOORS or in POOL for your Romantic evenings under the stars!

Farm Holidays Restaurant Tuscany

Farm Holidays Restaurant Tuscany

Farm Holidays Restaurant Tuscany